Godwin Books was established in 1992 to house the books of Robert S. Thomson and his great-uncle, George Godwin (1889 to 1974).  

Thomson took this name for his company in order to honor George Godwin’s memory. Godwin wrote twenty-three books, e.g., The Eternal Forest (1929), Why stay we here? (1930), Vancouver, a Life (1930), Japan’s New Order (1942), and Marconi, a War Record (1946).

Thomson published two of Godwin’s books, The Eternal Forest (1994) and Why stay we Here? (2002). Several additions were made to these two books: a new cover design, an introduction, a preface, a table of contents, maps, historical notes, and photos.

So far nine books have been published under the Godwin Books banner. All of them are non-fiction and all of them have received positive reviews (see www.godwinbooks.com).

These nine books fall into five categories:

MUSIC: Italian for the Opera (150 pp.); Operatic Italian (460 pp.), a large expansion of Italian for the Opera; and Love songs in Spanish for Enjoyment and Learning.

EDUCATION: Great songs for the English Classroom; Home Study Projects and New Ideas for English Language Arts.

AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Florence, Dante and Me.

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT: Hot Tips for Real Estate Investors.

CANADIAN HISTORY AND LITERATURE: The Eternal Forest, Why stay we here?

For detailed information (including reviews and samples) visit  www.godwinbooks.com