The author, Robert Thomson, was born in Vancouver in 1940. He graduated from West Vancouver High School (1958), then completed his B.A. (honors French and Italian) at the University of British Columbia (1962). From there he went to Yale on a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship and received his Ph.D in 1966. His thesis dealt with the theme of love in the works of François Mauriac. His thesis director was Henri Peyre. Thomson taught at a few universities (U. of Toronto, Emory, University of Illinois) and in time switched to teaching high school.

Robert Thomson

Since retiring early (1995) Thomson set up his own publishing company, Godwin Books. One of his major projects was to republish two books by George Godwin (1889-1974), that had been out of print for many years: The Eternal Forest (1929) and Why Stay we Here? (1930). Both of these reprints have received favorable reviews. George Godwin was Thomson’s mother’s father’s younger brother.

At present Thomson lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

Ross Bay clip Reflections on Armistice Day and the War-wounded (7 min. special, produced by Shaw TV, Victoria, BC)

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Currently publisher-editor of Godwin Books in Victoria, B.C., Thomson offers the following books: 

The Eternal Forest
, by George Godwin, Thomson’s great-uncle on his mother’s side. Out of print since 1929. Republished in 1994. Has received acclaim from academics (English, History, & Sociology).

Why Stay We Here? (1930), the sequel to The Eternal Forest, was republished in a critical edition in 2002. It deals with Godwin’s experiences as an infantry officer in France in World War I.

Italian for the Opera (1992). A clear, lively guide for understanding and enjoying the language of Verdi, Puccini, etc. Illustrated.

Operatic Italian (2009). A giant (467 pp.) expansion of Thomson’s Italian for the Opera (1992). Contains new chapters on the canzoni, Dante etc.

Hot Tips for Real Estate Investors (1996, revised edition). Written for the home buyer. Offers advice every step of the way, from how to choose a realtor to how to negotiate the lowest price. Based on co-authors’ (Thomson and Barlas) vast experience. Praised by Mike Grenby, Canadian syndicated columnist and financial expert. Illustrated. 

Wing of the Raven (1996) by Virginia Harper. A midnight tryst between one of Captain Vancouver’s officers and an aboriginal girl results in the birth of twins whose descendants’ lives are tracked through 200 years of Vancouver history. $25 (Can) or $20 (US). Postage: $6 for Canada, $6 (US) for the USA.

Mauriac and Psychoanalysis“, in “Literature and Psychology
Rhode Island College: 1988 (XXXIV, no. 2). Article by Robert S. Thomson, Ph.D. (Yale)