Every once in a while a classic goes out of print and is not reprinted. This happened to George Godwin’s “The Eternal Forest” which had only one print-run, in 1929. Since 1929 it has been selling for $150 in rare book shops. Godwin Books (named in honor of George Godwin) republished this fine Canadian book in 1994.

This part of my site contains (a) general information on “The Eternal Forest”; (b) sample passages (with archival photos) of “The Eternal Forest”;(c) two recent reviews of “The Eternal Forest”. George Godwin (1889-1974) and his wife immigrated to Whonnock-Vancouver in 1911. They stayed four years then returned to England. Godwin’s novel deals with his own struggle, the lives of his fellow villagers (his “Ferguson’s Landing” is a B. C. village in microcosm), and the political/economic scene in British Columbia. Like De Toqueville, in many ways he appears prophetic because of the accuracy of his observations.

As well as being an accurate portrait of B. C. in its adolescence, this novel has many depths: sociological, psychological and philosophical. George Woodcock thought very highly of it and wrote a brilliant preface to the 1994 edition.

Illustrated with archival photos (ca. 1912), and modern (1994) counterpart photos of the same scenes. This unusual feature enables the reader to appreciate how much Vancouver and Maple Ridge have changed during those 82 years. Also contains 20 pages of extracts from Godwin’s personal Journal.