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Hot Tips follows the real estate activity over the course of several years by a new Canadian from Pakistan, Aqlim Barlas. Aqlim bought her first house in Canada with a Visa card and a loan from her mother. Eight years later she owned five houses and six condos. Her main “secret” is to take part in the search for good deals herself, not leaving the task to the realtor. It is only by viewing many properties that one can get a firm grasp of real value and realistic princes. As Aqlim explains, this takes a lot of time and patience. Subjects discussed include: how to define your goals, how to find houses at a bargain price, how to negotiate (i.e. determine an astute opening offer and bargain for the lowest possible price), how to use leverage and borrow on your equity, the wisdom of going in 50-50 with a partner if the property is worth it. There are lessons on how to choose the right realtor, how to rent with an option to buy, how to choose tenants and deal with them, and which publications to read in order to understand your market.


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Comments from the Critics

Hot Tips? ‘Pearls of wisdom’ would be more accurate. (…) This book contains practical advice (…) eminently applicable, right here, right now. (Rod Macdonald in The Vancouver Sun)

Recommended reading (…) an interesting little book on investing the unconventional way. (Ozzie Jurock in Jurock’s Real Estate Newsletter)

The principles in Hot Tips apply to almost any market. (Mike Grenby, nationally syndicated columnist)

Thomson and Barlas set forward in clear terms, complete with simple-to-read financial tables, exactly how investing in real estate can pay off. (…) This book hits many targets potential investors often overlook. (Ashley Ford, The Vancouver Province)