This book contains 24 carefully chosen love songs from ‘the golden era’ of song (1920-60). Many of them are virtually poems and they will bring you much enjoyment. Love songs in Spanish is also an effective way to learn Spanish. If you listen to the songs over and over (better still, sing along with them) you will acquire a good accent, you will learn new words and you will gain insight into the cultures that produced the songs.


  • a reliable version of the Spanish words
  • an accurate translation into English
  • notes on grammar, verb tenses and idioms
  • notes on composer/lyricist and vocalist
  • suggested song-related movies and books
  • ideas for teaching (e.g. with clozes)
  • photographs of composers and vocalists

Love songs in Spanish contains the following songs:

  1. Solamente una vez 13. Piel canela
  2. Amor, amor, amor 14. ¿Y qué hiciste del amor que me juraste?
  3. Noche de ronda 15. Di que no es verdad
  4. Quizás? Quizás? Quizás? 16. Se me olvidó otra vez
  5. Cielito Lindo 17. Granada
  6. Angelitos negros 18. La paloma
  7. Siboney 19. ¡Hey!
  8. Cucurrucucú, Paloma 20. Mi Buenos Aires querido
  9. Historia de un amor 21. El dia que me quieras
  10. Sabor a mí 22. A media luz
  11. Caminito 23. Que nadie sepa mi sufrir
  12. Miraron llorar a este hombre 24. Las mañanitas

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Thomson’s Love Songs in Spanish for Enjoyment and Learning is an inspired project that could successfully be used to add an enjoyable cultural component in many beginning, intermediate or even advanced Spanish language classes in the hands of a skilled teacher. (Hispania, December 2016)

The artists are truly wonderful. I loved listening to them. Your great love of the music impelled you to share it. (Ginny Chadwick, Victoria, B.C.)

As a teacher of Spanish I found this book very helpful in teaching and reinforcing grammar points to students. The detailed instructions on how to teach songs with cloze outlines was most helpful. (Nora Robson, teacher of Spanish in Victoria, B.C.)